Designs for typical office environment which include: -

 Dome and Body Typed CCTV Surveillance Cameras, Digital Video Recorder ia internal LAN

 Card Access Control at Main, Rear Doors and certain Emergency Exit Doors equipped with Electrical Drop Bolts, Magnetic and Strike Door Locks

 Alarm Panel & Keypad for Arming/Disarming the Alarm System, come with Alarm Bell

 Security Safe for important documents, contracts, and monetary assets

Case II— Estates

Case I— Office

Typical equipments installed in estates, houses, flats: -

 Infra-Red Beam Boundary Detector alarm Sensors, Motion Detectors

 CCTV Surveillance Systems and DVR systems

 Auto Vehicle Gate Controls, Barriers

 Card Systems for access control purpose

 Alarm Panels with Backup battery backup



Case Studies

Security Solutions incorporate different equipments together to create a secured and well balanced environment for our customers.