DiSS, Honeywell, SONIC DVRs



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Advantages: -

 Save time (No changing tapes!)

 Fast and effective

 Easy to install

 Easy to operate

 Easy to maintain

 Better picture quality



4, 8, 16-Channels DVR Systems provide clients with full CCTV security monitoring platform, with an ease of mind in the day-to-day operation for security monitoring services by all levels of employees.

Features: -

 1,4,9,16 CCTV Screens for easy monitoring

 Real Time Recording Speeds - 100/200/400fps

 Fast “Time & Event” Search Engine

 Long Storage capability—typical 1 month (500G~1T) to 3 months (2T), upgradeable to 3~6T

 TCP/IP Network Support - facilitates Remote sites monitoring

  Easy USB/DVD backup of recorded Pictures

DiSS, Honeywell, XRPlus DVRs

CCTV and Digital Video Recording Systems


Security License No. 1253

1/3” SONY CCD Dome, Day-Night, Outdoor & Body Cameras

 Site & Remote Surveillance 

 Monitoring screen

1/3” SONY CCD Dome, Day-Night, Outdoor & Body Cameras

Site & Remote Surveillance  Monitoring screen